Welcome to my New Website!

My New Website and Future Plans

I’m excited to present everyone with my new blog and website! This is the first post of many which will feature my thoughts and advice on multiple topics. Here are some of the topics I will be covering:

How My Modeling Career Began

During my time at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, I took classes in modeling and acting at Caryn International. However, I always had an interest in being in front of the camera. I did a few small commercials while there and even had the opportunity to be an extra in a MTV reality TV series called MADE.

I went to pharmacy school in Texas and was signed by Anderson Model and Talent Agency, where I booked a handful of commercials and did quite a few runway shows. For me, modeling and acting was always something fun on the side. It provided a sense of balance in the world of pharmacy school where days often lasted 18 hours. Modeling was a great escape.

I moved to Denver to pursue my career after graduating from pharmacy school. Once I was established and had a solid full-time job as a pharmacist, I was able to begin pursuing and investing in my career as a model again. I signed with Wilhelmina Models, however, decided I preferred the ability to pursue my own passions as a freelance agent. Don’t think you are going to walk into this industry and make money right away. It’s just like being in a band; you pay to play in the beginning. I will touch much more on this topic later though.

The last two years have been incredible. I have vastly expanded my knowledge of posing, fashion, hair & makeup, and an overall sense of what works for me and what doesn’t. I feel like I am finally at a moment in the pursuit of my career to begin helping others, while also continuing to network into this amazing community of artists, models, hair and makeup specialists, photagraphers, videographers, and more.

What is Next For IZ Nicole?

I am extremely excited for the next couple of years. This will be the first time that I am putting my thoughts on this into words on paper (or the web).

IZ Nicole is my new brand. My plan now is to begin with print and essential clothing line items such as t-shirts, tank-tops, yoga pants, socks, calendars, and framed prints. The list will surely grow from there. The ultimate goal is to begin custom production of my own apparel and swimsuit line. I do understand the long-term commitment and hard work that this endeavor will entail and I’m excited about it. You can expect my initial store launch in the next two months and you will see ongoing updates from there!

Who is going to be the first to buy an IZ Nicole calendar!?

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