Eyelashes are a Vital Part of Modeling

Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting.

If you’re in the modeling biz (or any occupation in the public eye–no pun intended), you know long, voluminous eyelashes are a necessity. Like having healthy hair and well-manicured nails, eyelashes are an often overlooked yet crucial part of regular beauty maintenance. Photographers expect models to come to shoots prepared, and while nice lashes will often go unnoticed, you will get called out for poorly-maintained ones.

Lollipops and Eyelashes. And Pink 😉

Falsies — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The vast majority of us are not naturally blessed with perfectly long, full, and beautiful lashes. Oftentimes, we turn to false lash strips as a quick-fix. While they are effective for the short-term, they do have some downfalls. They can be difficult to apply (especially to yourself!), the glue and/or the lash line can show in photographs, and they can be difficult to blend with eye makeup. Also, removing the strips can strip you of some of your own, natural lashes as well as leave a difficult-to-remove residue. They also have limited utility and cannot be reused more than a couple times, making them a fairly expensive investment.

Lash Extensions

A more lasting alternative to false eyelashes are lash extensions, in which individual lashes are hand-placed on your lash line by a licensed technician. The process takes about two hours and the results are longer-lasting gorgeous lashes 24/7. Since there is no lash strip to remove, you have perfect lashes all day and night, making them ideal for vacations and for models, photoshoots. They do require some basic maintenance, however, such as lash refills every couple weeks, and you have to be careful with makeup removers and washing your face. However, the time they save you from applying false strips and mascara is well worth the investment.

Lashes make a princess a Queen

Lash Extensions in Denver

It can be difficult to find a reputable place to do your lash extensions, and it’s imperative you go somewhere with trained staff to reduce your risk of infection and allergic reactions. I recently went to the new Amazing Lash Studio in Highlands Ranch (9579 S University Blvd, Unit 270, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126–right next to T.J. Maxx) and had an incredible experience. The interior is clean and pretty, and they have well-trained staff who apply your lashes in comfortable, individual rooms. They have many styles to choose from including classic, glamorous, sexy, and 3D volume lashes, and they also offer products for maintenance such as eyelash cleanser and extension-safe mascara. Angelica did my application (I chose the 3D volume lashes) while I got to relax on a comfortable table meditating to soothing music. Overall, the experience was excellent and I would definitely go back.

The Difference with Lash Extensions

I immediately could see the difference between my natural lashes and the extensions as shown below in the Before and After photos:

You can see the huge difference in length and volume, and I’ll save so much time with not having to apply mascara!

Final Thoughts

Eyelashes are an important part of regular beauty maintenance and especially crucial if you are in an industry such as modeling where you take a lot of photographs. Lash extensions are a lasting alternative to false lashes which provide you with fullness and volume without having to remove a strip at the end of the day. It’s important to find a reputable place for lash extension application, and Amazing Lash Studio in Highlands Ranch is definitely one of those places.

-XOXO Nicole

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