How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot


You’re a new model in Denver and have just booked your first photoshoot, whether through your agency or freelancing. So now what? Just show up and take pictures, duh! Well…there is a little more to it than that, especially if you want to be professional and prepared.

The single most important piece of advice I can give is to SHOW UP ON TIME. Seriously. I have personally known great models who have been blacklisted by photographers (and publically called out on social media) because they consistently show up late or not at all for photoshoots. The photographer, hair and makeup artists, and stylists are all taking time out of their day for you. It is considered a slap in their face to show up late.

Be Prepared for Shoots

The next biggest piece of advice is to come prepared for the shoot. If you are doing your own hair and makeup it needs to be done in advance. I highly recommend using professional hair and makeup artists whenever you can, simply because the quality of the photos will be better and the photographer can spend a lot less time editing. This is especially important if you’re just starting out as you will want to focus on the actual modeling itself rather than worrying about hair and makeup (unless, of course, you are talented yourself in that area). Don’t forget to bring extra makeup for touchups, especially lipstick/gloss, eyeliner, face powder, a hairbrush, and tweezers and eyelash glue if you need it.

Selecting a Wardrobe

Your wardrobe selection also needs to be chosen in advance and organized for the shoot. Here are some tips to ensure you are well-prepared:

When everything is organized and packed, photo shoots will go much more smoothly. You can concentrate on the photographer and shoot itself and not get distracted by details. Remember to breathe, relax, keep your shoulders down and just have fun! The more natural-looking photos always turn out better than overly posed and stiff ones.

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